100% Effort
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100% Effort

100% Effort

As you reach a certain age and become more experienced in the industry, you realise a vast number of athletes in their prime are still so young. With high-level sports, many spectators often don’t have the opportunity to look past the game/sport and may not truly appreciate that many of these young athletes often have to completely adapt to a new lifestyle, away from their support network.

The great thing about my job is witnessing and understanding the stressors that can happen behind the scenes. By investing in the athletes at this important stage, you can make a real connection and have a truly positive effect on someone’s career. Sometimes it’s not all roses either. Often, this coaching caper may result in some ‘tough love’ when the chips are down. We are talking about serious athletes, looking for serious results. My motto is simple:

‘Give me 100% and I’ll go to the ends of the earth for you, to give you everything I have and more. Give me nothing to go on, you’ll get the same in return’.

It may sound blunt, but it more often than not is simple enough to have an amazing effect. Going through the ups and downs together can be a lesson in personal development and human psychology. It’s something that has reaped some amazing results, bonding with some inspiring individuals I can now call life-long friends. Working through and sharing the experience together is one of the many reasons I love doing what I do.

While my role is only a small part of the overall picture, witnessing all the variables and highs and lows develop and transform into sporting success, is something truly gratifying, humbling and rewarding. I wouldn’t change it for a thing.

John Vincenti- WESTSTAR Strength and conditioning coach.

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