Weststar | Testimonials
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Hello to the team at WESTSTAR,


I trust the footy season is treating you well.


Just a side line observation while doing the Sunday parent thing at year 5 footy. My son of course notes the teams with the WESTSTAR participants, as all these boys do and an observation from a truly novice point of view, is that all those that did your rookie program this summer seem to have upped their skills significantly. Better kicking, deliberate, controlled play, team involvement and ball skills. Really noticeable.


You seem to have a good thing going with this program!



Jo D



The winter season has started and both my boys are playing fantastic footy & and I’m more than willing to give a decent portion of the credit to the WESTSTAR program!


With my eldest, he may be in the top 3 in his team. He has been playing at CHF and doing really well.
My youngest played very strongly in the WESTSTAR game and was easily the pick of the boys from his club. They played a scratch match the next day and he was in the best few. I thought you would like the feedback.


Thanks to you and the WESTSTAR team.






Just a quick note to thank you and your coaches for the time and effort you have put into my son over the summer. He is three weeks into his club footy and it’s noticeable how much less he rushes himself when he has the ball. His kicking has improved and he’s getting more and more confident each game he plays!


Thanks to your coaches!