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1) What are the main focus areas for the Academy?

Our program has been designed to prepare and develop players within the WA Talent Pathway (Development Squads), providing them with the best opportunity to excel.

Our program consists of two training blocks: Post-Season & Pre-Season

Our core focus areas, include:

  • Clean hands
  • Kicking (variety of kick)
  • Match simulation (decision making and execution under pressure)
  • Positional craft (spoiling, leading etc.)
  • Defensive techniques (tackling & smothering)
  • Contested techniques (groundball & marking)

Our pre-season program includes higher intensity drills which require repeat effort speed and there is greater contact in our drills.

 *Must be turning 12 during the year of the pre-season block.

 **If the athlete is training with WAFL 16’s development squad, they must have permission from your WAFL talent manager.

2) How do I get invited to train at WESTSTAR?


WESTSTAR coaches are in regular attendance at local club, school and district matches identifying suitable footballers to join the WESTSTAR program.

WESTSTAR is in contact with local club, school and district coaches who recommend suitable footballers to train at WESTSTAR.

If you believe you have what it takes to train at WESTSTAR, please send us an email at admin@weststaracademy.com.au

3) Why does the WESTSTAR program operate in the summer?

There are 2 main reasons why WESTSTAR Football Acdemy operates in the summer. WESTSTAR Football Academy has a high priority in complementing WA’s talent pathway therefore, WESTSTAR operates in the summer to avoid any conflict in this area. At WESTSTAR, we are firm believers that it is just as important to maintain skill and touch during the off-season as it is during the season. This notion is stressed at elite levels, such as the AFL.

Please note, if the WESTSTAR program conflicts with your summer sport passion, we urge you to continue that passion and reach out to us if you require any assistance in your off-season football development.

4) Will participating in the WESTSTAR program ensure my child gets considered and or selected in state, WAFL or AFL squads or teams?

We want to stress that WESTSTAR is not a talent pathway nor does it sit within it. The WESTSTAR program is a skill and technique based program, utilising AFL IP from both current and ex-AFL players and coaches. WESTSTAR will give every athlete who brings great effort to the sessions their best chance to improve and reach their individual goals however, no academy can guarantee a pathway into state, WAFL or AFL football.

5) Do all the coaches have a working with children check?

Yes, it is mandatory at WESTSTAR that all of our coaches have a current working with children check.

6) What happens if the temperature reaches 40 degrees on a planned WESTSTAR session?

Should the temperature reach 40 degrees or over at the time of training the session will be cancelled. Either a credit will be applied or an alternative session time will be arranged to make up for the cancelled session. It is important that if high temperatures do occur during training times that the athletes make sure they stay sufficiently hydrated. Access to extra water is always available at every session. Regular drink breaks will occur during these sessions of high temperatures.
Sunscreen should always be applied before any session and extra sunscreen is always available.

7) What level of fitness does my son or daughter need to be in to participate in the WESTSTAR program?

WESTSTAR expects all athletes to maintain a suitable standard of fitness and commitment in order to get the most out of our program.

8) How many athletes will be in my group?

WESTSTAR aims for a maximum of 18 athletes per group.

9) What if I miss the cut off sign up date?

Due to maintaining our low player to coach ratio and organising apparel, we have limited spots available. If you have missed the cut-off date for the program registration, please contact Bec at admin@weststaracademy.com.au immediately.

10) Are there toilet facilities?

Yes, all of our locations will have toilet facilities

11) What is provided at the sessions?

Athletes are encouraged to bring their own water bottle and sunscreen however, both will be provided at the sessions.

12)How long do the sessions run for?

The Invitational Academy will run as follows. Please give yourself enough time to get ready for the session.

Shenton Park (Rosalie Park)- 4:00-5:30pm*

* Session times may vary.

13) What do I need to bring?

Athletes are encouraged to bring their own water bottle, boots, mouth-guard, training shorts and a great attitude.

16) Can I cancel my registration or get a refund for sessions not attended.

We do no offer refunds on sessions not attended. Session blocks must be paid for in full prior to a session block commencing.

If a registration is cancelled more than 2 weeks prior to a training block commencing a $60 cancellation fee will apply.

If a registration is cancelled less than 2 weeks prior to a training block commencing a $100 cancellation fee will apply.

If a registration is cancelled within a training block commencing due to an injury* a refund will be provided for the remaining sessions.

*Must provide a certificate.